4 Points to Consider When Booking a Futurist

Posted on Friday, 17 Feb 2017

I understand that finding the right speaker for your conference, workshop or strategy retreat can be a demanding and challenging task. To help you as a conference organiser or bureau agent to pitch me seamlessly to your leadership team or clients I have highlighted 4 key points which distinguish me from other futurists.



Many futurists get really excited about the shiny new penny of Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, and robotization. In many ways, they swipe left on human intelligence and swipe right on machine intelligence. I believe that the future really belongs to those brands who are able to seamlessly weave together the past, the present and the future into a seamless and inspirational journey, both for their talent and for their customers. I'm passionate about all things digital, but the thing that really drive me is human transformation.

Check out my TEDx-talk for further insight into the concept of Seamless - Seamless Transitions: Weaving Digital & Analogue Worlds


My presentations are meticulously researched, highly energetic and always fascinating with global case studies and content tailored for the audience. 

Check out this video where I talk about the future of real estate: A Futurist's Perspective on The Future of Real Estate.


I can engage, motivate and bring you the latest avant-garde ideas in a range of different ways. I'm predominantly booked as a keynote speaker by global organisations, but I'm is also an experienced panellist, moderator, workshop facilitator and webinar host.

"We invited Anders to facilitate a workshop for our senior leaders in November 2016. We needed a way to ensure that all of our leaders were clear about the impacts of disruption so that we could write a 5 year strategy that allowed us to not only keep up with the pace of technology and disruption, but to lead it. Just four hours with Anders allowed our entire leadership team to understand, embrace and be excited about the future, and to enthusiastically contribute to a new, technologically relevant and exciting strategy. If we hadn't had Anders with us on that day, we would still be discussing the strategy rather than confidently working toward the future as a united front. Thank you Anders for the time and the money you saved us. We are excited to continue to work with you." - Jessica Naylor, Director, Change and Communication, La Trobe Online at La Trobe University



I have a unique capability to connect with your client's audience. I'm widely recognised for my energetic style, approachable manner and for being genuinely interested in your clients' industry and organisation. I'm is also keen to attend social events and spend time with leadership teams, key partners and sponsors. Additionally, I can arrange book signings.

ASN Image quotes-05-1.jpg

During our Executive Leadership Summit for AFIA, Anders held our audience at complete attention as he spoke about disruption, future trends in our industry, and mixing in a very personal story about his life. He invested an incredible amount of time after his presentation to speak to our members one-on-one. Anders also received extremely high scores from the audience. They loved him!! 

- Paul Phillips, President of Maxi-Lift, Inc. Booked via Washington Speakers Bureau.



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Reach out to ODE Management for more info about booking me and any other questions you might have.

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