75-Year Old Study Reveal 3 Keys To A Good Life

Posted on Saturday, 09 Jan 2016

A couple of days ago I watched this amazing TED-talk by the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Robert Waldinger where he shares three important lessons about happiness and satisfaction. 

One of the most impressive things about his message is that it's based on a 75-year old study where he and a team of researchers have tracked the lives of 724 men and year after year asked them questions about their work, their home lives and wellbeing. The study which is called The Harvard Study of Adult Development is according to Waldinger the longest study of adult development that's ever been done. 

These are the 3 keys to a good life according to Waldinger:

1. Social connections are really good for us but loneliness on the other hand is a threat to our wellbeing.

2. It's the quality of your relationships that matters, not the number of friends you have.

3. Good relationships protect our bodies and our brains. Those people who are in good relationships where they feel like they can count and trust on the other person tend to have sharper memory. 

3 keys to a good life

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The key takeaway from Waldinger's TED-talk is that a good life is built on good relationships. I believe that businesses can learn a couple of lessons from this as well, because good relationships with customers, employees and partners lays the foundation for future success and growth. 


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