Digital Storytelling With Data By AirBnB

Posted on Thursday, 31 Dec 2015

If you have followed my YouTube channel or this blog during the last three years you probably know that we at Thinqe are big fans of AirBnB. Besides from being a very innovative company when it comes to their business model, they are also very good at digital storytelling

With the help of beautiful graphic design AirBnB manages to makes sense of data and tell stories about their brand and customers/guests. A couple of days ago they released this video where they present some impressive data regarding how many guests that will be staying in AirBnB homes during New Year's Eve.



This New Year's Eve, there are over one million guests staying in Airbnb homes around the world. They are traveling to 17,500 cities in 150 countries!Cheers to all of our hosts and guests, and to an excellent year ahead.

Posted by Airbnb on den 28 december 2015
Some interesting statistics from the video:
  • The top three places to celebrate around the globe is New York, Paris and London
  • The top 5 places that are surging in popularity are; Fukuoka, Cuba, Osaka, Acapulco and Kyoto
  • The most popular places for couples are Fuerteventure in Spain, Kauia in Hawaii and Hamburg in Germany


We hope you have enjoyed the content on the blog this year and we are looking forward to provide you with even more predictions and future trendspots in 2016! 


Happy New Years from Anders Sörman-Nilsson and the Thinque Team!  

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