Top Five Technology Products Of 2015

Posted on Thursday, 07 Jan 2016

What are your favourite gadgets of 2015? Here is a video from Wired where they show the top five technology products of 2015. During last year we saw a rise in smart home devices like The Nest and Amazon Echo - these gadgets represents a broad interest and momentum in the Internet of Things market which is expected to grow even further this year.



5. Voice controlled controlled assistants

Siri and Amazon Echo paved the way for voice controlled assistans in 2015. Amazon Echo is basically a artificially intelligent bluetooth speaker - it can play music, answer questions, provide you with news updates, create to-do-lists and much more. I actually own one myself and I'm really impressed with the voice recognition software, however it's not working completely seamless yet but I'm sure they will improve the technology even more in the near future. Check out this blog post for further reading about artificial intelligence and the internet of things.  
Top five technology products of 2015

4. Ipad PRO

The Apple Ipad PRO is a great tool for graphic designers and as many other Apple products it's very intuitive and beautifully designed.

3. Microsoft Surface Book

The most distinctive design detail on this gadget is the hinge that connects the screen with the keyboard. The great thing about this laptop is that the screen is detachable from the keyboard.


2. Hoverboards

During the last 6 months we have seen many videos of people falling of hoverboards or read articles about hoverboards which have caught fire. Only the future will tell if these products will be increasingly popular or if they will fade away. 

1. Apple Watch

2015 was a year when wearables like the Apple Watch became even more trendy. Last year they joined forces with the fashion brand Hermès and launched a collection of fashionable smartwatches.

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